Apogee House specializes in architectural lighting and outdoor products for residential and commercial projects. As a lighting distributor and designer showroom, we have access to hundreds of vendors and products. We provide in-house lighting design services when required and our experience with lighting, controls, and smart home systems and communication with contractors makes sure that your projects get the done right, on budget, and delivered on time.

Our approach is simple: we work with architects, interior designers, electrical contractors, general contractors, and home owners to identify a need and find creative designs and solutions to achieve the desired result. Once we have the scope of the project, we research the best fixtures and products that fit the aesthetic and budget of the project. We then communicate with the project contractors and installers all of the product specifications and provide any documentation or support they may require to eliminate any questions or doubts and assure a smooth and hassle-free install.

We value quality over quantity and treat your projects as if they were our own. Our main objective is to provide the absolute best customer service. Over time, our dedication to customer service, combined with our competitive pricing, have proved the best way to keep customers and earn their referrals.

About Tony Carrera

Tony has demonstrated a passion for design and technology from a young age, initially honing his skills in website development and graphic design for businesses both new and established in the mid-90s. Building on his aptitude, Tony went on to earn his A+, Microsoft certifications, and other certifications, which allowed him to provide top-notch IT and networking services to small businesses and Miami-Dade Public School system’s IT department.

In 2005, Tony transitioned his focus to lighting and electrical distribution, where he specialized in architectural lighting and design. His proficiency in both technology and design played a crucial role in his success as he dedicated countless hours to mastering the intricacies of lighting, a true art form. With this knowledge, he focused on creating and collaborating on many custom jobs, coordinating intricate installations, and sourcing the highest quality fixtures and components for expansive lighting projects, including complex LED RGB DMX systems. Tony’s design expertise soon expanded to encompass residential high-end custom and spec homes, luxury retail and commercial spaces, and stunning outdoor environments.

Over the years, Tony has worked on a diverse array of residential and commercial projects throughout South Florida and the United States and beyond, including South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. His unwavering dedication to his craft and keen eye for detail have resulted in numerous successful projects that have garnered high praise from clients and industry experts alike.